Sample Assessment Work

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* Sample Report.pdf (1.1 MB)

* Sample Energy Recommendations

Air Compressors: Reduce Air Leaks.pdf (101KB)
Baghouse: Separate Dust Collection Systems.pdf (97KB)
Insulation: Insulate Cooker.pdf (60 KB)

Lighting: Turn off Lights.pdf (136 KB)
Replace Fixtures.pdf (109 KB)
Install Photocells.pdf (227 KB)
Motors: Install Efficient Motors.pdf (68 KB)
Notched V-Belts.pdf (103 KB)
Refrigeration: Reduce Discharge Pressure.pdf (186 KB)
Utility: Improve Power Factor.pdf (123 KB)
Consolidate Meters.pdf (122 KB)
Install Cooling Tower.pdf (69 KB)

* Sample Waste Recommendations

Recycle Oil.pdf (65 KB)
Recycle Plastic Bags.pdf (62 KB)
Recycle Plastic Buckets.pdf (59 KB)
Recycle Wood Pallets.pdf (54 KB)

* Sample Productivity Recommendations

Automate Final Sorting Line.pdf (64 KB)
Barcode Labeling.pdf (56 KB)
Convert Scragg Saw.pdf (116 KB)
Metal Detection for Wood Sorting.pdf (64 KB)
Punch Press Changeover.pdf (60 KB)